Online services

In this page you can perform a set of activities that were only available previously in persion in the Archive. Trough this page you can obtain answers to your search requests, electronic payments, get certificates, etc. The registry in the platform grants you access to your requests info, pending and concluded.

Reproduction request

This service allows the user to request surrogates of documents in various supports (e.g. digital, paper, etc.). The reproduction requests must contain the necessary info in order to uniquely identify the desired documents.

Early consultation request

This services allows the user to book a table for document inspection on a given day. It shall have no effect if the consultation does not take place on the scheduled day.

Document requistion

This service allows to request documentation to the Archive with the purpose of consultation outside the reading room. This service is available only to employees of the institution through which they can make requests for documents within the scope of their duties.

Information request

This service allows the user to post questions and obtain information about the archive or any of its services.

Why do I need to register?

To take advantage of this on-line communication platform it is necessary to register in the system. The registration is essential to identify the user and to collect their contacts for sending the requested documents.

The registration on this platform allows the user to access various services described on this page. After registration, you can submit new requests, analyze the status of your pending requests, and access to a personal notebook, useful for tracking information about their research.

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Is my privacy privacidade safeguarded?

The Archive understands the importance of protecting the privacy of its users. The information collected by the Archive is used solely to facilitate interaction and performance of the services provided through this platform. Information gathered through allow the file to identify the user and their contacts to potential submissions of responses to requests. We use this information to direct and improve our services.

Our policy is not to provide, sell or distribute the information gathered from this platform to third parties (unless legally required).

I'm already registered. How do I make a request?

To create any of the requests described on this page, simply register, authenticate and then click on the desired application. Subsequently, the platform will ask you a set of informations so that we can best serve. If in doubt, contact us at any of the addresses provided in the footer of this page.

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